Silk thread ganesh-ji

Resham thread painting


5 Responses to “Resham / Silk thread Ganesh ji”

  1. Reetu says:

    Amazing work … It must be pretty time consuming and difficult to roll the silk thread so neatly and evenly on thecut outs ….?? any tips for rolling… What about the ends of the cut outs?

  2. sonia says:

    wow rinkish this is different, and wonderful. congrads.
    its very beautiful n neat work, its embroidary or soem another procedure to so it.

  3. Rinkish says:

    Hai Sonia & Ritu,
    Thanks for your comments.its not actually embroidary ,i have rolled silk thread on hardboard pieces.

  4. lefsSeree says:

    Why Kristen Stewart had crutches at the Oscar? According to Stewart’s construction artist, Beau Nelson, the actress enfeeble herself after stepping on glass.

  5. desh bandhu lodhi says:

    mem/sir ,

    what is the price of this pinting

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